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Industrial design
Fully customizable

A complete solution
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At AI-Blox we have developed an easy-to-use modular hardware platform to accelerate your edge AI application rollout. This new solution is built around the latest Nvidia Jetson platform, the leading AI computing platform on the market.

Every application needs different kinds of sensors & integration points, that's why our Blox platform is fully customizable in terms of processor, interface & communication modules

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Why your business should adapt Edge intelligence right now

Edge intelligence is a modern approach to computing that places intelligence and processing closer to the source of data. It is a powerful way to reduce latency and improve the speed of data processing. 

Edge intelligence is becoming increasingly important for businesses that need to make decisions in real-time or process large amounts of data quickly.

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Flexible & Custom made

Available with a 7" touchscreen or headless

Various communication modules to fit your needs

Range of services AI-BLOX
provides for businesses

Industrial Design

We deliver a modular hardware platform, flexible enough to fit your application. We turned complexity into simplicity.

Blox Operating System

Edge intelligence systems reach optimal performance when hardware & software are perfectly integrated.


We know hardware can be hard. Therefore, we are eager to support you in defining the best setup for your application


Due to our modular setup, we can easily customize our products for your needs. We work till it works (for you).

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