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AI-BLOX is a technology startup building hardware for edge intelligence. We're accelerating our business and are looking for talent!

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Our vision is clear, we want to make edge intelligence easy. That will enable our clients to accelerate the rollout of smart edge AI applications around the world. To realize our vision, we need bright minds. Change agents who aren't happy with status quo and want to do things differently.

We work hard to ensure that the process is predictable (we always inform you about the next steps), punctual (we make sure to tell you in advance when you’ll hear from us), and open (we communicate very openly and will always give you a clear decision and appropriate feedback).


Our values


We value having an environment with open & transparent communication, where all ideas are heard and discussed, and people have ownership over their work domain.


Our hardware is top notch, and so is our team. In everything we do, top quality is the key to succes. All of the rest will follow. We won't lower the bar on that.

Feeding curiosity

The only way to keep track about technology is to stay hungry. Therefore we encourage our team members to stay curious & never stop learning.


Our mission is to make edge intelligence easy, but we apply that in our company as well. We want to make it as easy as possible for our team to perform at their best. We give you freedom in work & in life. 

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