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Edge intelligence or edge AI enables machines to make decisions on locally harvested data, instead of sending it to a centralized cloud server. For some applications, edge intelligence is the only way to process data and make decisions locally out of the harvested data. Network capacity, latency, privacy requirements and reliability are some of the main reasons to choose for edge technology.

The recent availability of small and low power super computers makes edge intelligence attractive for a lot of applications. However, edge intelligence requires specific hardware and this makes the rollout of new edge AI applications challenging. Therefore AI-BLOX has developed modular hardware blox to accelerate your edge AI application rollout. 

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 modular hardware platform
A modular hardware platform

We deliver a modular AI hardware platform, flexible enough to fit your application. We turned complexity  into simplicity.

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We know hardware can be hard. Therefore, we are eager to support you in defining the best setup for your application. 


Due to our modular setup, we can easily customize our products for your needs. We customize in weeks rather than months!  

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