Interface modules

BLOX works with flexible interface modules.
This allows you to fit it easily into your existing infrastructure and connect to different kinds of sensors.

We're constantly developing new interface modules.

If you need any kind of special interface, don't hesitate to contact us.

We are open for customization.

6 Channel MIPI module

This module allows you to connect up to 6 MIPI cameras. Depending on the Jetson module, you can stream up to 6 cameras. 

The module has a built-in programming interface. This allows you to debug and program Blox through the USB interface. Therefore it is ideal to start your development and to evaluate the platform.

4 Channel USB 3.0

Get the most out of your Blox system with the USB 3.0 module. This allows you to connect with various external I/O systems, including high-quality cameras. The optional digital input & output component provides you with even more integration options! 

4 Channel Ethernet module

This modules has 4 internal MAC's, connected to 2 separate internal USB 2.0 ports. This guarantees a maximum troughput of 100 Mbs per port, which is perfect for high throughput camera vision systems. The integrated PoE PSE Type-1 makes cabling extremely easy. 

Configure your Blox platform now

Build your own I/O module!

Our platform is fully modular and we're happy to build the module you need. We even take it further : we're fully transparant about our design so you can create your own modules! Ping us at for more information