We're meeting a lot of friends along the way and are grateful for the journey together. Find our more about our clients & partners


We're super proud to be part of the NVIDIA Partner Network. Being a Preferred Partner we're privileged to be embedded in their ecosystem. As our solution is based on NVIDIA® Jetson™ we can leverage this industry-leading AI platform towards our clients.


The Scailable AI manager allows effortless creation and management of edge AI solutions. The platform allows to (mass) deploy AI/ML models to target edge devices at scale. Through a proven integration with our Blox platform we take another step in making edge intelligence easy


Over the last 25 years, Bressner has built up a comprehensive and yet highly specialized product portfolio for individual all-in-one hardware systems and components for any kind of industrial environment. 


Silicon Highway is fully wired in the European embedded industry. They have a history of providing enabling technologies as of 1977 and support all major embedded markets. As a key distribution partner of Nvidia, they focus on Nvidia Jetson based products to support their clients

Trilogic systems  

Trilogic Systems is a leading provider of high-reliability, COTS computing technology for the rugged edge. With many years of expertise in the field they're a premium partner to support AI-BLOX' expansion in the US