AI-BLOX is a tech company that develops and produces embedded hardware blocks for edge intelligence


Our story

Working as a hardware consultant for companies developing edge AI end-user products, we experienced that a lot of edge intelligence projects struggle to find the right hardware setup. Most of them even started making their own, impact time-to-market and budget. Brilliant AI models need brilliant infrastructure to operate efficiently. AI-Blox wants to solve that and drastically reduce the time & energy spent on hardware selection, setup & deployment of AI models.

Therefore we've built a modular hardware platform that helps companies building state of the art edge AI applications.


Our vision

Making edge intelligence easy

OUR Mission  

Artificial Intelligence is rapidly changing our world. Creative  engineers are developing new AI innovations every day. Those innovations are driven by almost unlimited cloud computing resources.

For AI innovations on the edge, things are different. Those applications don't have access to the unlimited resources available in the cloud. Specialized hardware is necessary. This can make application roll-outs difficult and time consuming.

The mission of AI-BLOX is to make edge intelligence easy.  We want to reduce the time spent on edge ai technology applications and accelerate the democratisation of AI.