Design service

Given our modular design, the Blox system can be customized according to your needs.

Without a full redesign.

So let us know what you have in mind. 

Interface MODULES

Does your application require a special interface module, like for example an integrated motor drive or a specific camera intergration? 

Our hardware engineers are happy to have a look at your application and see what we could offer you. This could include a custom electronic design and a custom enclosure design with special connectors.

Sensor integration

Do you have a special sensor request and  would you like to integrate this into one of our products?

We have experience in integrating different kinds of sensors like cameras and radar into the Jetson family. Both in hardware integration and software integration. 


Does your application need a special kind of communication protocol or do you want to have 5G communication for example?

BLOX can be easily extended with different kinds of communication elements, through the mPCIe interface or the M.2 interface. Our engineers are happy in selecting the right module and help you with the integration of this module.

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