Increase the capabilities of your surveillance system.

Blox_S is a dedicated hardware device for the surveillance industry that can help you run various AI models on your local video feed.

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Less false alarms
Industrial design

Blox_S : Going beyond intrusion detection.


At AI-Blox we have developed an easy-to-use edge device to meet next-generation AI driven surveillance systems demand. The Blox_S targets both new innovative projects as well as upgrading your existing camera infrastructure. Our device helps your company to unlock the potential of more accurate and reliable detection due to its performance. A single Blox_S can handle multiple cameras at once reducing the cost of installation and complexity of maintenance. 

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Why your business should adapt Edge Intelligence right now

Edge intelligence is a modern approach to computing that places intelligence and processing closer to the source of data. It is a powerful way to reduce latency and improve the speed of data processing. 

Edge intelligence is becoming increasingly important for surveillance businesses that need to process real-time data and video feeds taking into account privacy requirements.

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Blox_S can be used in many other domains

Smart Cities

Supporting mobility, public safety, or data collection intitiatives for smart cities. 

Crowd Control

Crowd monitoring for public buildings, areas or events


Enhanced safety measures for your construction sites 

Add our Edge AI device to
your surveillance system

Ease of use

Blox_S is designed to be easy to install. It only requires a power source and network connection and can be retrofitted in existing installation.


Link our device with your cloud environment or control room  through wired (GigE) or wireless networks (4G/5G)

IP-67 possible

Blox_S can be delivered in an IP-67 rated configuration.

4 Ethernet cameras

Connect up to 4 IP cameras to our device, all PoE compatible.

Hard drive

Extend your Blox_S device with additional storage.


Blox_S has been designed specifically for surveillance use cases. That allows us to offer it at a very competitive price. 

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