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Enabling Machine Vision through GMSL2

Unlocking new possibilities for automotive, logistics & automation projects

We're announcing an exciting collaboration between AI-Blox and Allied Vision. Our modular edge technology platform called Blox will be integrating the new GSML2 cameras from Allied Vision’s Alvium series

Who is Allied Vision?

Allied Vision is a global manufacturer of industrial cameras which are known for their exceptional image quality and high-speed capabilities. Together we want the logistics industry to thrive and unlock its full potential. Our partnership with Allied Vision brings immense value to our clients. You can now use the capabilities of Allied Vision cameras within the AI-Blox platform. After integration mipi/csi cameras from Allied Vision, we now also developed a module to extend the range of Mipi/CSI cameras via the GMLS2-protocol

What benefits does GSML2 offer?

The integration of GMSL2 cameras offer several advantages. It includes long-distance data transmission of up to 15 meters, easy cabling setup via Coax and high-speed transmission directly into the GPU with low latency. These benefits enhance surveillance capabilities, simplify connectivity and enable real-time access to critical visual information. This leads to improved operational efficiency and cost savings. Partnering with AI-Blox ensures the full potential of GMSL2 cameras for optimized logistics operations.

The Blox I/O module can handle up to 8 GMSL2 camera connections. This allows us to scale up functionalities while still remaining on the same platform and technology. GMSL2 cameras bring various advantages but need a specific integration effort :

  • GMSL2 cameras work with a serializer & deserializer, and configuration can be quite complex

  • Bandwidth considerations : GMSL2 cameras can generate high-resolution and high-frame-rate video streams, so GPU limitations need be taken into account

  • Driver and software compatibility need to be checked, and in some cases, custom drivers or third parties are needed to establish the integration

Blox integration

Fortunately AI-Blox understands the challenges involved in integrating GMSL2 cameras and has taken the initiative to address these concerns for you. AI-Blox delivers reliable and robust solutions which means that you can confidently incorporate GMSL2 cameras into your operations. Knowing that the necessary integration work has been done for you. This allows you to focus on maximizing the benefits of GMSL2 cameras without the burden of extensive configuration or compatibility challenges.

FPD-Link vs GMSL

Both are technologies that can extend the range for Mipi/CSI cameras. While having similar characteristics, the are originating from other providers. FPD-Link is being promoted by Texas Instruments while GMSL is working with chips from Analog device

Ready to explore?

Schedule a call with us to learn more about the benefits and discuss how AI-Blox can integrate Allied Vision’s GMSL2 cameras into your system. Take the first step towards enhancing efficiency, improving safety, and unlocking new possibilities.

Furthermore, ai-blox can leverage the power of AI algorithms to automate tasks such as license plate recognition, container identification, and predictive maintenance. The AI-Blox platform, combined with Allied Vision's GSML2 cameras, opens up a realm of AI-driven possibilities that enable our clients to gain a competitive edge in their respective industries.

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$ sudo screen /dev/ttyUSB0 115200

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