The warehouse of the future is smart, connected & automated.

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Warehouse & logistics automation

he logistics industry plays a vital role in global trade and the effective management of transportation, warehousing and distribution processes is crucial for success. As the industry embraces digital transformation, the integration of cutting-edge technologies using AI & machine vision on the edge present significant opportunities for addressing key challenges. AI-Blox can help you to implement these projects faster & cheaper, with very robust and modular hardware platform that you can compose according to your needs

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Feature Highlights

Shock & vibration tested

The Blox platform is designed to be reliable in rough conditions


Link our device with your cloud environment or control room  through WiFi  or wireless networks (4G/5G)

Up to 8 cameras

Connect up to 8 cameras to our device via GMSL2. Other camera integrations (USB 3.0, IP, Mipi) are also available. 

IP-67 possible

These devices can be delivered in an IP-67 rated configuration.


Safety features

Provide real-time information to detect blind spots, improve driver visibility to prevent accidents, monitor compliance with safety protocols and reduce the risk of damaged goods

Warehouse automation

The warehouse of the future is smart, connected and fully automated. Edge technology is crucial for object detection, picking & quality control

Dock & Yard Management

Actively monitor & optimize loading & unloading activity, using vision to automate tasks such as license plate recognition and container identification.

Security & loss prevention

Effectively monitor facilities, detect incidents to enhance security measures and safeguard valuable assets


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Smart Cities & Surveillance

Process your video feed and other data streams locally to ensure a privacy-friendly, but very accurate system enabling a wide range of smart cities, crowd control and surveillance applications.

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Mobile Solutions

Enabling vehicles to sense their environment in realtime is crucial in moving toward autonomous, safer and intelligent mobile solution. A Blox platform with touchscreen provides a fully integrated & robust solution .

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Manufacturing & Industry 4.0

Edge intelligence plays a vital role to further increase productivity, efficiency & quality of manufacturing processes. Read more on how our Blox platform can support your Industry 4.0 ambitions with low latency solutions.

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Agri & food

Facing many challenges the agri & food business embraces innovation at light speed through data collection & processing in the field. AI-Blox can support and accelerate that shift to towards a more sustainable sector

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