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AI-BLOX & Trilogic Systems partnership
Increasing our footprint in the US

 As a technology company we’ve been aiming for global presence from the start. With sales ramping up in the US, we’re partnering with an experienced provider of computing technology, Trilogic Systems.

We’ve been in the field of embedded computing for years”, says David Paul, founder of Trilogic Systems. “In the last 2 years, we’ve seen a substantial increase in edge computing projects, in various industries and market segments. That’s why we’re proud to support AI-Blox in their growth and helping them to increase their footprint in the US. The product-market fit is just great, as a lot of our clients are being confronted with edge technology for the first time. Having a modular platform like Blox will for sure help them speed up their delivery. As an added-value partner for our clients we continuously look to expand our network & product offer”

The US market is relatively new for AI-Blox and therefore we've made a choice to collaborate with an experienced local partner.

For AI-Blox, this is only the beginning of a promising journey in the US. Research shows that the market is bigger and more mature than in Europe, so we want to catch this wave. We fully believe Trilogic systems has the network & the experience to help us in that journey”, says Jeroen Plasman, co-founder & partnership manager of AI Blox. “They are deeply wired in the industry and with many projects on the counter they exactly know how to approach the market, what the pitfalls are and - most importantly - what their clients need”. 

As a next step in our US expansion, we’ll be exhibiting at the Embedded Vision Summit in Santa Clara, California on 17th - 18th of May. We can’t wait to connect with hundreds of interesting people from the field!

$ sudo screen /dev/ttyUSB0 115200

AI-BLOX will be exhibiting at the Embedded Vision Summit in California
Expanding our US Footprint