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AI-Blox teams up with Silicon Highway
Reinforcing our partnership


We're proud to announce our partnership with Silicon Highway. They have an excellent track record and are fully wired in the European embedded industry. 

"The Nvidia network is the basis for our partnership", says Graham Brown, Marketing Manager of Silicon Highway. "AI-Blox has a very interesting proposition using Nvdia Jetson processors. Their modular solution has a different approach and is quite unique in the market, offering a lot of flexibility for our clients. That's why we decided to offer the Blox platform to our customer base as well, accelerating the adoption of AI and helping them to speed up delivery of their edge ai projects"

About Silicon Highway

Their history of providing enabling technologies to electronic designers, manufacturers and educators within Europe started in 1997, covering design in, supply/support, marketing promotions and technical sales. They have subsidiaries in Ireland and UK, the former supporting product distribution across Europe. Silicon highway supports all major embedded markets, including but not exclusively, automotive, consumer, industrial, medical and all emerging AI markets.

Working closely with manufacturers and customers, utilising their technical/marketing and sales experience to ensure the target vision for both is executed from design to delivery, offering only complementary solutions to enhance their European product portfolio. 

As a key distribution partner, within the development of the NVIDIA embedded market, their online webstore has engaged with over 10,000+ European focused businesses/customers designing and developing NVIDIA Jetson edge-based solutions for deployment at the edge.

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